To speak in an occult manner or to speak of the occult

Gaétan Dubé 



To speak in an occult manner or to speak of the occult…There is a pronounced difference between these two statements.  The first one relies on a reservoir of historical and spiritual memory conveyed through an ego that is unconscious of its relationship with communicating planes or worlds. 


These communications happen through a mind that is merged with a freewill that represents the red carpet of cosmic lie.  Subjected to this unconscious condition, the person lives in an experiential and karmic way even though he may have the impression of reaching a liberating absolute.  Subtly wrapped in this condition,  he speaks of life in an occult manner and not of the occult itself, because this same occult infuses him with thoughts that he considers his own.  In the context of involution, this situation is obviously normal because it’s part of the progression or adjustment of man’s bodies through time. 


The halo of mystery surrounding the invisible world mesmerizes an increasing number of people who, at the end of the present cycle, aspire to fill an existential loneliness. Note that, at the end of a cycle, destabilizing factors are legion through the reminder of prophecies of all kinds (scare tactics) which create a wind that undermines the mental and emotional balance of overly sensitive people.  Obstructing forces are true capitalists - they scavenge everything.  But, sooner or later, they will live through their own "crash" when some men, from their own centre, will be able to unmask their peregrinations inside their own minds.


It is then that we will start to speak of the occult instead of speaking in an occult manner.  With time, the word “occult” will disappear from our vocabulary and will be replaced by a concrete investigation of life through speech and in interface with other persons.  Based on the fact that thinking is communicating, the individual will approach life in a completely different way.  He will no longer be interested in knowledge as such, but will investigate life from his own evolving centre of will, love, and intelligence.  With time, a non-psychological and inner authority will serve as a filter.  In his view, knowledge will lose its glory and, by the same token, this will rout out the obstructive communicating planes. 


The withdrawal of these obstructive forces from his mind will create a temporary psychological vacuum or emptiness.  This emptiness will allow for the establishment of a psychic space that will align him in a direction of life instead of a sense of life. This sense of life is based on spiritual hope and is completely fabricated to keep him on the leash of his freewill which is used as a Trojan horse.


To speak of life in an occult manner will clearly expand proportionally to the existential anxiety caused by destabilizing factors.


Finding within oneself a psychic ground that is calm and non psychological will become essential.  Consequently, when thirsty, one will drink from his own source.  Gradually, genuine alliances will emerge here and there and will create a network of life de-occultation.  Nothing is perfect at the present moment; in any case, perfection is only a false diamond which blinds the man who believes.



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