To reset the meter to zero

Gaétan Dubé 



How can we decode this principle and concretely apply it in our day-to-day life? What is the use of a principle if it’s not to integrate it with the strength of our will in the deepest recesses of our existence. I want to share my views with you to simply feed a creative discussion.
To reset the meter to zero, not at minus 10, is a graphic way to reinvent one’s life without being swallowed by an event.
It stops us from dragging our memories around. It allows us to travel lightly. It stops us from rationalizing our life despite a finding of apparent failure.
A well decoded failure allows a person to resynchronize with his environment. There are no errors, but only adjustment of bodies. There is no need to waste energy to keep one’s self-image alive.
To see this is to find a direction of life instead of persisting in a sense of life. The sense of life is the programming of the existence and the direction of life is a destiny according to one’s own energy. A direction of life meets a real need and not a subjective desire.
To reset the meter to zero means to use an event as a creative opportunity which allows us to retrace Ariadne’s thread and to look at the Minotaur straight in the eye instead of self-analyzing, which only serves to play the theatrical role of life’s programming.
To reset the meter to zero is an act of will which will pull down the necessary energy for the construction of a direction of life. To reset the meter to zero allows us to decode the forms of suffering in the mind and to highlight their true meaning. To decode means to integrate the will to leave the framework of programming.
To reset the meter to zero is a key of evolution which allows us to instantly neutralize the emotion of the form in our mind and to establish a clearer communication or intimacy with our cosmic part.
Finally, to reset the meter to zero is the boundary between involution and evolution.

Complement on the principle of resetting the meter to zero


Let’s not be deceived by the apparent involutive intention of the proposed form entering the mind, but see, through a specific event, a communication coming from our cosmic part.  In order to discern this personal communication and skim it from its astral shell, one must have the will to immediately freeze the emotion that enters the mind and paralyzes the self.  Once the emotion is neutralized, a clearer communication from the cosmic part remains.  Obviously, the ego does not have the reflex to neutralize the emotion.  It rather rationalize it with a lever that comes from its memory and that is why it is said that it does not start at zero, but at a value lower than zero.


By not starting at zero, one lives the experience of the event which is, in fact, the soul’s programming.  Time is the necessary factor for the assimilation of the event.  This is why involution is a progressive and sinusoidal period.


When one starts at zero, time is obliterated and allows for a certain closeness to one’s cosmic part which provides for a direction of life that becomes one’s destiny instead of one’s programming.  Do not wait for apocalyptic events to occur to start to reset the meter to zero.  Start now, using life’s minor annoyances, to gradually build this intimacy with your cosmic part.  It’s all between you and yourself.  Our goal is not fusion, but to be conscious; indeed to become conscious of how this communication works in our mind.  In other words, to acquire a continuity of consciousness through life’s events.


When we watch television, we are able to neutralize the emotion of a virtual event; well, it’s a similar thing with our mind.  Thinking is communicating.


In my opinion, the principle of resetting the meter to zero is an important key that may open a door towards a space-time that we own and that is indisputable.



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