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The feeling of emptiness in the evolutionary process

Gaétan Dubé


This concept, used in the sense that interests us, is the result of a work or a process that converts astral energy stemming from memories into mental energy which will serve to build a new centre of reception called the higher mind.  This process of energy recovery, as opposed to its form, creates a vacuum in our astrality and the ego perceives this as a form of despair or depression expressed by the feeling of emptiness. 


Because the astral body is no longer being fed as it used to be, this vacuum effect or this feeling of emptiness appears, and is expressed, by a gradual disinterest towards things to which we used to attach importance, even life itself.  Without wanting to commit suicide, one feels some kind of detachment from current life, from race and its feeble functioning.    


Energy that is expressed in a simple mental body (lower mind) creates intellect; energy expressed in the astral body creates an emotional relationship with life; energy manifested in this new mental body (higher mind) creates intelligence.  Intelligence is only the movement of energy in this new recipient built by the transformation or movement of astral energy.   


This movement or displacement of astral energy causes this emptiness, it causes me this emptiness.  But, I think that this feeling is temporary even if it is not easy to continue to live this way.  Through this process the astral body seems to be placed in a suspended state and, at first, this is what gradually deprives us of a certain joy of living.  This stage is temporary as it will sooner or later be replaced by a renewed mental capacity, by a joy of the spirit that has nothing to do with the daily, fugacious joy of living.  


The joy of the spirit is the freedom felt by the ego towards previous forms which made us go through the roller coaster ride of our astrality.  The joy of the spirit is the expression of real life within oneself, unlike the survival state previously experienced.  However, we can still feel some longing for our past astral state and it is then that we feel that emptiness invade us and create this wave of despair.


This emptiness or vacuum is empty of form, but full of energy.  It’s a new relationship that we establish with reality; a new bond between matter and energy that is registered in our recently developing mental body.


It is a new alliance. Astral energy turned into mental energy, water turned into wine at the wedding at Cana.  We go from the glass of water to the goblet of wine. 


In the mean time, have a drink!



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