Life balance and the occult

Gaétan Dubé


A friend noted the following:


“If we look at certain people who are very close to the occult of life, we can observe a huge imbalance in their daily life.  I consider this fact very serious because I know of a person who had a very occult consciousness, but who also attempted to commit suicide several times.  Others will recover their balance, but only after several years.”




On the one hand, as you might expect, to be close to the occult is not necessarily a guarantee of balance.  Moreover, as you clearly mention it, the disorder in certain people’s lives is such that suicide becomes the only way out.  In this type of experience, these individuals rather overshadow their own light through the maze of knowledge, which grants them a power of impressions.  Consequently, when this power disappears, they want to disappear with it.


On the other hand, one needs to demystify life.  To speak about life in an occult manner does not bring this balance or this order to life.  To demystify life brings the individual to know from within himself as opposed to from outside himself.  It is within our relationship to life’s events that it becomes possible to establish a form of familiarity with our cosmic self.  At that point, one speaks of the occult rather than speaking in an occult manner, which is very different.



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