Early stages of a study on suicide

Gaétan Dubé


Although suicide is a common subject of discussion, it nevertheless emanates from subtle planes and uses our mind as its recipient. We tend to think that the invisible world is outside of ourselves
and is far from ourselves. Mistake! The invisible world circulates within us under the cloak of our freewill and even dares to seep into our mind by using the word “I”. All this happens gradually, insidiously. This dear freewill! Another subject that we will have to unveil. Don’t rely on the astral world to show you the limitations of freewill; it would be suicidal for it to do so.
For us
who learned first-hand that thoughts don’t come from man, but pass through man, it may seem easier to deal with suicidal thoughts.
We are in a
position of strugglebetween the obstructing forces and the forces of life; we are at the crossroads of this struggle. Neither of theses forces will give us the consciousness or the right perspective on a silver platter. This situation creates a tension within ourselves and enables us to develop a willpower unknown until now, even an anger. Only can the anger of the spirit have the power to demand this long coveted peace. We will no longer find in ancient forms the levers to unveil the subtle manipulations of this invisible world so dear to worldwide spirituality. Through the strength of our will, through our spoken words, we will seek the required energy to do so…and the Gods will fall on their knees.
Through my perception of the invisible planes, I wrote an essay on suicide in the year 2000. I met and discussed it
for hours with suicidal persons. I went through this impasse myself. This work is short, but concise and shows quite well what sensitive people like us are exposed to. All men on this earth must be warned against this subtle terrorism that our mind is subjected to.



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