The witness

Michèle Robinson



As the ego is made more transparent through the initiatory sufferings experienced during the fusion process, the sensitive being becomes increasingly aware of the presence of his thought Adjuster.  Not that He manifests himself  with words in the slightest actions and gestures of everyday life.  Words are mostly heard when a specific question is asked because the reflex of establishing a dialogue instead of reflecting a thought does not come naturally to the ego, especially at the beginning of its vibratory reconnection. However, the fact remains that a communication is established and that the person intercepts more and more often the subtle vibration of his thought Adjuster.  He now knows that he is no longer alone and that he is accompanied by a witness at all times.  

Even though this duality is an illusion because the witness is, in fact, one's own cosmic counterpart,  the observation of the ego's emotional reactions manifested in his daily life  creates an increasingly sharp vigilance which allows him to telepathically receive the witness' message, informing him of the astrality of his thoughts and retarding reactions.  It's a complete reversal whereby, contrary to the involutive mirror effect inciting us to see only the polarity of the form and to react to it, the witness invites us to become aware of the illusion of this image or impression and to make an about-turn from this farce that has already lasted too long.  But beware!  This about-turn does not mean to put your head in the sand and hide from the event in order to avoid suffering.  This would be to keep on fooling yourself.
And so, gradually, the terrestrial time between the egoic reaction and the awareness of its lack of intelligence decreases.  By means of adjustments, the capacity of emotional containment reduces this time gap to a point where  the zero border is reached and crossed over in order to give rise to the awareness before the egoic reaction which tries to show up through the back door. It's the time of the Spirit which we have just touched.  Progressively, the person finds it easier to stay neutral, in the sense that he is less influenced by the electromagnetic force of different forms which attracts him out of his center of gravity and into the peripheral space of reflection of his own light.  Access to the time of the Spirit through the higher mind allows the instant neutralization of the soul's impetuses and gives precedence to an awareness which makes the ego more transparent, thus more intelligent and less naïve of the polarized value given to the form. 

The psychological suffering is then transmuted into psychic tension and  the energy of the shock is recuperated to the benefit of the ego's consciousness and its creative manifestation in the matter, instead of being used for the maturation of the soul and the delight of its disincarnated friends.  But nothing is given freely. Everything must be wrestled away, bit by bit, from the forces which dominate us.  It is with an incredible will that we must dive into our most profound fears and deal a death blow to each one of them in order to regain our mental sovereignty.  Eventually, the more the mind is bled from its filth, the more the ego lives in peace, the more he tastes real freedom, the more the witness changes functions because the "myself and the Other" becomes the Self.