Laughing matters

Michèle Robinson


The sensitive being who has become aware of his cosmic counterpart and who is being electrified by his own light knows that this evolutive process to consciousness gradually manifests itself in time and that there exists territories where his unconsciousness returns. He either gets caught in the game and continues to suffer, or he gets to play the game and learns how to thwart the forces by laughing at his own unconsciousness. Humour enables you to understand the subtleties of a situation that seems negative and to ridicule it in order to unmask its real face.  As a friend said, laughing is the spark that starts the motor of Love.  

To be able to laugh at your unconsciousness is to not take yourself seriously and look at things differently.

To laugh at your unconsciousness is to stop beating yourself up and to implement winning conditions to get rid of the intruders living in your head.

To laugh at  your unconsciousness is to puncture the eye of your vainness by defusing unpleasant events instead of making them worse.

It’s to be able to appreciate your cosmic counterpart’s sense of humour who is trying to play tricks in order to force you to become cleverer than he is.

To be able to laugh at your unconsciousness is to give a break to your nervous system by acting against the nature of the ego who wants to react.

To laugh at your own mistakes is to change them into opportunities.

To laugh at your fears is to face the beast and end up realizing that it was only an illusion.

To laugh at your worries is to behead the astral dimension in order to bleed it dry instead of letting it suck the blood out of you.

To laugh at your flaws is to destroy them one by one by taking away their importance.

To laugh at your insecurities is to tear down the walls that prevent you from taking action.

To laugh at your helplessness is to unmask what is trying to dominate you and take away your power.

To laugh at your faults allows you to realize that they really are potential qualities.

To laugh at oneself is to have the will to laugh with Oneself.