A look at suicide 


Before I start, I would like to point out that this text is not a work of literature.    


Obviously, my perception of suicide will not pertain to involutive, modern psychology even though I may use a similar language. 


Despite all the efforts brought forward by modern psychology to try to stop this “wind of death” that afflicts the young and even older people, the fact is that the phenomenon is growing.  As individuals, psychologists will have to try to put aside what they’ve learned in school and start to investigate this “occult” problem from within themselves; in other words, from an information unsoiled by the subliminal link that exists between man’s lower mind and death planes.


What will be written here or elsewhere in the same vein must not be understood as a belief, but as an investigation tool within which each individual will be confronted by a struggle between what he really knows and the doubt of his knowledge.  This doubt is the subtle manipulation of anti-life forces living in his mind, hidden behind his impression of freewill and cloaked by the word “I”.


I want to point out that the objective of my paper is not provide proof to the “psychology establishment” of the existence of subtle planes, nor of the never-ending traffic of form-thoughts which invade human psychology and emanate from the world of death.  However, I would like to emphasize that the urgency regarding the world-wide problem of suicide should lead us to put our spiritual and intellectual vainness aside, which obviously never succeeded in stopping or slowing the intensity of the problem.


So, the objective of my work is to give you information sufficiently free from the world of death to provide a new insight on the reality of suicide and of those who are thinking of acting upon it.


A look at freewill


In order to study suicide in an objective and valid manner, one must look at the phenomenon of man’s freewill.  In terms of personal freedom, man considers freewill as an absolute condition.  However, when we honestly look at our lives, we realize that there is a considerable difference between what we want and what life brings us.  From this difference stems an existential anxiety that constantly strikes our spirit.  Today’s sensitive man increasingly feels that he does not possess all the tools to clearly read or interpret what goes on behind the scene of materiality which has the effect of undermining his present human condition.


If we look at the phenomenon of freewill from a supramental perspective, we quickly realize its relative limit.  Freewill is a phenomenon imposed on man through the structure of his life’s programming.  Even if people have the impression of a wide latitude in their life, the fact of the matter is that freedom is relative and not absolute, as they would like to think.  To emphasize this fact, let’s take the example of a dog that you tie to a leash long enough to make it believe in its own freedom and happiness. This helps to keep the dog in good spirits in order to optimize its programming.  In fact, this dog will even come to love you.                               


In a sense, man is in the same situation.  The person is attached to his reassuring and comfortable freewill, fortified by the word “I”, which gives him the impression of freedom.  The “I” brings him enough balance between his mental and emotional states to align him in a certain life progression and to express a form of egoic individualism.  Consequently, in order to experience life’s programming, the “I”, imposed on his mind through the ego, rolls out the red carpet to anti-life forces via entities in the astral world (world of death) who have karmic links to the person living in the matter.


At the dawn of the 21st century, certain people, because of their evolutive progression, are starting to feel the limitations of freewill and to catch a glimpse of their own freedom, beyond the astral influence on their own minds.  This freedom will allow them to extirpate themselves from the womb of a feeble humanity and to finally enter into their own psychic territory.  In his own psychic territory, man becomes individualized instead of drowning in a form of individualism where he is unconscious of the influence of subtle astral planes on his mind and emotions, hidden behind his impression of freewill.  


Trojan horse


As we keep studying the occult mechanism of human thought, we gradually perceive the sly and deceitful infiltration of form-thoughts in our mind.  Moreover, when you discuss in a creative manner with a person who attempted to commit suicide, that person will admit that, throughout the years, his mind felt progressively surrounded by a train of thoughts gradually undermining his will and forcing him to contemplate suicide as the only valid way out.  Unconsciously, the person sees his action as a voluntary one, reacting against the rape of his psychic territory.


Fundamentally, a man living in the matter wants to hold the steering wheel of his own life.  In fact, he has the possibility to evolve, in other words, to recognize that he is something else than what his senses are telling him.  Moreover, by recognizing that beyond the walls of matter exist other worlds that underlie his present human condition, man will be brought to a psychic upheaval and an anger of the spirit.  This anger will steadily overthrow his psychological, unconscious relationship with the astral world and will bring him to a conscious and intelligent relationship with his higher self, which will liberate him from his freewill.  This freewill is too often used as a Trojan horse by entities belonging to the world of death and infecting man’s mind through reflective thoughts.


People are doing what they can to advance in life as are the entities in the world of death.  The person incarnated in matter obeys the laws of his world and becomes prisoner of space.  A dead person inhabits the astral planes corresponding to his vibration and obeys the laws of his world where he is a prisoner of time, which makes him suffer.  It is in the material world that man can rapidly evolve, even if it feels like a long time for him.  Astral entities greatly suffer from time.  The astral hell is time.  To speed up their process, they affix themselves to matter through man’s mind and buy themselves a life under the veil of freewill.  For reasons of their world’s survival, they will never admit to this condition.  At this stage of the study, it appears obvious that the more man becomes conscious, the more the astral planes react.


It is very hard for the unconscious ego that is used to this way of doing things to realize the subtle game of the “I” imposed on his mind, creating the illusion of a freewill which, in the involution period, is essential to the mental and emotional balance of his personality. 


However, from involution to evolution, the person will see the progressive dissolution of the freewill’s veil that has naturally previously prevented him from acceding to his freedom.


Psychic rape


Previously we said that the suicidal person was invaded, throughout the years, by form-thoughts gradually depriving him of his will.  Not only does this person have to live with the effect of these intrusions on his mind, but he must also simultaneously support, in the solitude of his pain, the shock of realizing the game being played behind the mask of his freewill.


Living through this double condition, the ego often sees itself absorbed by the world of death.  However, if this ego could have access to objective information about invisible planes, it would realize the urgency of its real freedom and, by the same token, would forestall its existential anxiety, created without its knowledge, under the cover of its freewill.


Ensuing from this realization, the person would develop “a vibratory hatred” towards these forces within him instead of turning it against himself, as we unfortunately notice in today’s world.  


And so, man would finally know that the astral plane is comfortably sitting in his belief of freewill, which is the perfect screen allowing the psychic rape and, in turn, preventing him from accessing his own light.

The world of death 

At this point, one must understand that the astral world or the world of death is a plane or a form of life traveling through man’s lower mind, forming what he calls his thoughts, subjective thoughts, supported by his impression of freewill.


For conditioning purposes, dead people will never admit to the limitations of their world. I’m now talking to those sensitive people who have the faculty of communicating with these planes.  One day, mediums will have to burn the bridges with the astral world in order to penetrate the infiniteness of their own spirit.  Dead people have a greater need of us than we have of them.  Man’s spiritual vainness is a paved road allowing entities to infect him with knowledge of which he boasts to then, in turn, infect other men, in the name of truth. 


The more a person becomes conscious of his true nature, the more dead people lose their power over him.  Consequently, absolutely everything will be done by the world of death to try to restore their power and this is why it is so important for the ego not to believe. 


When man dies and finds himself in the astral plane or world of death, he suddenly becomes dependant upon an anti-life government of which laws are against evolution.  Moreover, the person who commits suicide soon realizes in his journey that he’s been duped.  The ensuing suffering brings him into astral zones of very low vibration where the astral light is almost non-existent and where regrets cannot change the condition of the disincarnated ego, for a very long period of time.    


The following anecdote will adequately illustrate the post-mortem condition of a person who committed suicide.  A good friend of mine, who is a very sensitive person, was relaxing with a glass of wine and a good book after an exhausting day at work, when the doorbell rang.  She went to answer the door and witnessed a horrific scene that she will never forget.  In the staircase leading to her landing, she saw her best friend climbing the stairs on her hands and knees, desperately trying to hold on to each step and staring at her with a imploring look for help.  Simultaneously, the phone rang and she was told that her friend had just committed suicide. 


It was too late for her friend.  And for how many others, has it also been too late… 

Why so many suicides

In order to attempt to understand the situation of suicide in the world, the range of vision must be widened beyond the psychological time.  The objective explanation of suicide stems from the dynamics between life forces and retarding forces of which the incarnated man, sensitive but unconscious, represents the intersection point.


Now, we realize that man has reached a level in progression within matter where he has sufficiently matured to absorb a new impetus that will allow him to access his real freedom.  These forces of life that are presently descending to Earth have no other mandate than to bring the person to awaken to his own intelligence.  An intelligence hidden since the adamic race when, for purposes of experience in the matter, man was isolated from the higher planes of evolution.  The present reconnection with life forces is not happening without clashes.


During his involutive progression in matter, man has only had symbolic representations of the invisible world, with which he had a totally spiritual relationship.  Today and in years to come, man will have a peer-to-peer relationship with these forces which, in the past, have institutionalized the spiritual form to keep men in line.


It is a known fact in the world of death that man is in an evolutive process, in the sense that he is in the process of reconnecting with his origin.  At the dawn of the 21st century, man living in the matter is the focal point of thelife forces who want to extirpate him from his present life condition.  On the other side, he is also pulled by retarding involutive forces who try to keep him prisoner of his ignorance.


This “tension point” represents the situation that man is going through right now. 


It is surely obvious that the modern Cartesian man who is comfortably sitting in a mental and emotional balance, can defend himself very well in life, which is good.  On the other hand, when life forces begin to shake this balance, the same man will have to gradually recognize the golden cage of freewill.  However, I’m speaking especially of sensitive people who are on the battlefront of this energy descent and who may suffer from this condition, because these sensitive people have historically always been the scapegoat of the pedant ignorance of the majority.

New insight

The new information on suicide descending to Earth right now does not aim to be acknowledged, but wants to become known to the sensitive person.  This information is not looking for confrontation with any type of establishment; these are bygone days.  It is addressed to people who are sufficiently anchored in their identity to act as an interface between a plane of reality beyond the world of death and the material plane.


For the time being, this gradual consciousness of the worlds which support matter cannot manifest itself on a collective basis.  Rather, it will be happen through individuals who have the capacity to absorb new data that does not belong to the soul’s memory. 


Man, on an individual basis, will finally be able to free himself from the subjugation of his relationship with the world of death and thus dissect the occult that used to rule him through his subjective thoughts.  Man’s consciousness will tear apart the veils allowing the retarding forces to keep their power over him.  


The invisible world will no longer have this aura of mystery which served as bait to man’s spiritual naivety.  On the other hand, thinking that he is safe from this spiritual naivety, the rational man is as infected by the invisible world which makes him believe in his non-existence.  We must take note of the urgency of this new insight that can shed some light on the two sisters of knowledge who, because of their respective vainness, could never see the game being played behind the thinking process nor could they explain to man the intrusion on his mind that gradually brings him to suicide.

We are saying that man does not commit suicide alone; he is brought to commit suicide.  This means that men incarnated in matter must recognize this fact intelligently, and progressively reject the emanations that come from a world where its own survival depends on the unconscious nature of the material man.  


The entities living in the world of death know very well that man is going through an evolutive process. Many dead people are aware of this and, while suffering, are wisely waiting  to get back into matter in order to be able to reunite and fuse with their own light.  However, for most of them who live in those deserts of loneliness, a wind of panic is blowing because of man’s consciousness process. 


It’s a bit like the reaction we would have were we to live without food.  This state of turbulence in the astral world is being felt on Earth right now and can be observed by the increase of mental illnesses of all kinds. 


Advice to speculators:  Open up a business in psychotherapy, you’ll make a fortune.

The final stretch

We were saying that the actual human condition was at the intersection of creative forces and retarding forces.  Before this occurrence, man was calmly living the status quo of his unconsciousness.  But now, a surge of astral energy is settling into his mind and is creating an increasing number of psychological states; going from a simple depression to a total lack of will with respect to the organization of his material life, and where the hidden entity ends up dictating its own will.


These facts are sufficiently described in the annals of modern psychology where people admit to having “heard a voice” telling them to kill themselves or to commit insane acts that go against the basic sensitivity of the masses.  It’s not about discrediting the efforts of psychologists, but to reveal the mechanics of this phenomenon.


The astral world is reacting to the process of consciousness orchestrated by intelligences belonging to worlds beyond death, and for which man represents the material counterpart.  In the wake of this reaction of lunar or astral forces, many sensitive human beings are desperately trying to recover the balance of the older days’ status quo.  Many people can no longer support this internal tension and are hoping to find much desired peace in death by suicide.  The impression of peace will melt like snow in the sun when these people walk in this “desert of loneliness” which the lower astral world is, and where inhabit entities of low vibration.  For survival purposes and through karmic links, these souls will in turn, try to attach themselves to the mind of man living in matter and thus perpetuate the game of forces that are against evolution. 


At this point, we can say that from the cosmic agenda’s perspective, the astral world is in its final stretch.  The bombardment will continue unceasingly until the end of the cycle when, for the first time on Earth, totally conscious men will put a stop to this condition.  From then on, these men will be able to creatively help their “brothers” who are prisoners of time.

The eagle’s eye

Today’s statistics clearly show that mental illness of all shapes and forms is at the heart of the problem of suicide.  This means that “mental problems” were an inducing characteristic of many people who died by suicide.   


It’s also important to be aware of the increasing influence of occult sciences in man’s life, especially through movies, television, video games, and others.  This democratization of psychic sciences and their ensuing impact on the population, especially the young, serves as a catalyst to retarding astral forces.  Young people are attracted to these sciences and see in them a new form of knowledge that better fits with their new vision of life.  


Decidedly, we are witnessing an expansion of our young people’s consciousness, a perception increase which outclasses that of previous generations. As conscious educators, parents, psychologists, we must support these young people in their accelerated evolution process.  Moreover, we will have to sieve through our spirit all those new forms of knowledge that are surging  and penetrating the masses’ consciousness. 


We must vigilantly look at what interests our young people and what they are absorbing. It is not their bedroom door that we must lock at curfew time.  Rather, we must walk with them in spirit to help them recognize their own power so that they may, by themselves, shut the door of their minds to form-thoughts that have nothing to do with their real evolution.  They will then develop their own discernment towards those form-thoughts which take advantage of their new developing sensitivity, at the dawn of a new race.  Too often, not being able to find or obtain a valid instruction on the material plane, these young people find themselves in a psychological impasse that inevitably brings them towards death.    


To solve the problem, one cannot simply deny the existence of the invisible world. For the first time, let’s rigorously and thoroughly study it in order to unmask the unconscious relationship between man living in the matter and the subtle planes.  One will certainly need strong shoulders to support the solitude of this research, because the new insight on the invisible will no longer be done through the filter of naïve spirituality nor vain intellect, but through the eagle’s eye of your own spirit who will bring retarding forces to their knees.

The enslavement to forms

During my workshops, I often tell the following story because it allows the person I’m talking to, to grasp the reason why the involutive man remains prisoner of his thoughts.  It’s the story of Christopher Columbus.


Columbus, then a navigator for commercial fleets he was sailing, settled in Portugal in 1476. Rejected by the Portuguese king for a request to embark on a  voyage of discovery to the West to reach Japan and China, he proposed his services to the Spanish monarchy.  He finally obtained three ships from Queen Isabella of Castille to sail what was then called the Sea of Darkness.  Before obtaining these ships, Columbus lived through a period of deep dismay.  To drown his grief, he frequently visited the taverns.


While he was entering one of these godforsaken places, he was harassed by a group of drunken sailors who were mocking him.  At that time, everybody had heard about Columbus wanting to sail this unknown ocean because he believed that something existed beyond it.  Nobody believed him.  So here’s our poor man, alone with himself, keeping busy by rolling an egg between his fingers.  The drunk sailors, acting as buccaneers, welcomed him with mockery, contempt and derision.  Columbus candidly approached them and asked them the following question:


“You all seem so sure of yourselves.  Which one of you could make this egg stand on the table?”


Laughter increased so much that you could hear it from outside. Insisting with his question, the first sailor grabbed the egg to try to make it stand vertically on the table.  The minute he let go of the egg, it rolled away.  Another one tried, with the same result. Then a third, a fourth and a fifth one, until they all tried to make the egg stand without succeeding.  So one of them said:


« How about you Columbus?  If you’re as smart as you pretend, make that egg stand on the table!”


Without a word, Columbus took the egg in his right hand and, under the attentive eyes of the witnesses, he gently broke the base of the egg and made it stand up!  Under the outrageous reactions of his fellow sailors who refused the validity of the experience because of the broken shell, Columbus concluded by saying: 


“You see? In order to accomplish great things in life, you sometimes have to break the chains that hold back your thoughts.” 


He had just demonstrated that, in order to advance in life, those sailors had to break the form, the structure within which they were evolving to be able to have access to new horizons.


On August 3, 1492, Columbus left Spain with three ships and on October 12 of the same year, he discovered the “New World”.


Reality inevitably goes beyond the framework of our spiritual or Cartesian conceptions of the universe.  Man, as an individual living at the beginning of this new millennium, has reached a point where the egg of the involutive oppression is beginning to break.


Consequently, faced with this state of things, man’s foundation falters. The forms on which he used to lean on in the past will no longer be available to him.  He will have to find within himself the necessary energy to continue.  The next generations will see all their structures shaken up.  The person who will develop a “new insight” on things will be able to discover his centre of gravity in order not to be affected or infected by all that is visible and invisible.


And so, the conscious man will walk as on a tightrope through that chaos disguised as the New World Order.


                                                              January 2000